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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Figure Review: Sideshow 1/6 Scale Sandtrooper (Black Pauldron Edition)

This edition of the 1/6 scale Sandtrooper was the third be released by Sideshow Collectibles. It follows the earlier editions released by Sideshow featuring the White Pauldron (a.k.a. Sergeant) and Orange Pauldron (a.k.a. Commander) editions.


This version of the Sandtrooper comes loaded with accessories. It features an extremely detailed backpack which is different from the backpacks that come with the earlier 2 editions.

In addition, the weapon that this Sandtrooper is equipped with; is also different from the earlier edition Sandtroopers. This is the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster.

Head Sculpt

There is no head sculpt that accompany this Sandtrooper. But that does not matter at all as Sandtroopers are supposed to be displayed with their helmet!

The helmet is similar to the earlier editions of Sandtroopers from Sideshow. And like the earlier editions, I personally find that the helmet sits a bit too low on the Sandtroopers body. This minor “issue” is easily resolved by cutting a small piece of sponge foam (3-inch by 1-inch) and inserting the foam into the helmet before fitting into the neck peg.

Overall Figure

To me, this is easily the best of the 3 different editions of Sandtroopers that Sideshow has released.

With the exception of the usual issue of loose joints seen in all armored figures released by Sideshow so far, this is a very well-made figure which is worth every single cent of its retail cost.

Overall Rating

I will this not hesitate to give the Sideshow 1/6 Scale Sandtrooper Corporal a good rating of 4 out of 5 (4/5, 80%).

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