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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Figure Review: Sideshow ¼ Scale Premium Format Scout Trooper

The Premium Format Scout Trooper from Sideshow Collectibles was released some time ago. However, I only managed to buy one recently at a very good price which is 25% off the standard retail price from Star Wars Shop ( during one of their sales in early November 2010.

Figure Sculpt

The Scout Trooper is definitely one of the most iconic trademarks of the Star Wars franchise. This is actually the second ¼ scale Scout Trooper released by Sideshow Collectibles. The previous release from Sideshow was that of the Scout Trooper on a ¼ scale Speeder Bike (a.k.a. the Biker Scout).

The pose that Sideshow selected for this Scout Trooper shows the Trooper holding his standard blaster in his right hand and pointed slightly skywards.

What impressed me is that the head of this Scout Trooper is adjustable. With slight adjustments, the Scout Trooper can be made to look to the left or to the right.

While not significant by itself, those who owned this Premium Format figure will know that with slight adjustments to the head angle, the whole figure can look drastically different. This allows a number of display options, which in my opinion, is an added bonus.

Head Sculpt

The head sculpt of the Scout Trooper is good. While I am not sure what other collectors may think of the head sculpt, it surely does look fairly movie-accurate as far as I can see.

Exclusive Edition Accessory

The Exclusive Edition of this Scout Trooper comes with an additional Sniper Rifle strapped across his back, the E-11S. While not a must-have, I do think the additional E-11S Rifle is really cool.

Statue Base

The base is both sculpted and painted to reflect the forest environment of Endor. The details of the base are amazing. You have to really see it in person to fully appreciate it!

Overall Rating

Overall, this is another great Premium Format figure.

Ratings-wise, the Premium Format Scout Trooper easily scores 4 out of 5. (4/5, 80%)

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