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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Top 10 List for 2008

#1 - Predalien by Hot Toys

Hot Toys released 2 versions of the Predalien from the movie AVP2. The 2 versions are essentially the same except that the second version is the Battle Damaged version which comes with green-colored blood on its body and head.

Standing at an amazing 18-inch, this is very much in scale with the 1/6 scale Predators (14-inch in height) and Alien Warriors (16-inch in heightt) released by Hot Toys! What a winner! I have both versions of the Predalien and am loving them!!!

#2 - Lost Predator by Hot Toys

In my humble opinion, this figure is seriously short of accessories. Despite that, the overall figure is an amazing work of art. The body of the Predator, the head sculpt and those dreadlocks..... Well, I am won over and this Lost Predator found its way into the #2 spot on my 2008 Top 10 List!!!!!!!!!

#3 - Indiana Jones by Sideshow Collectibles

From Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sideshow comes out with a winner in this figure. This Indiana Jones figure is in my opinion, one of the best rendition of Indiana Jones in 1/6 scale. It simply beats the Indiana Jones figures from Medicom's RAH Series hands down!!

#4 - Samwise Gamgee by Sideshow Collectibles

Released in June 2008 together with Frodo Baggins, Sam the Hobbit is amazing. Despite the weak joints to the body, the head sculpt is in itself a piece of art. The many accessories that come with this figure is a big bonus and includes cooking pots and pans and even sausages! And the Exclusive Edition even comes with the Lembas Bread!!

#5 - Predator 2 (Battle Damaged Version) by Hot Toys

Another cool 14-inch tall Predator in 1/6 scale by master movie figures maker, Hot Toys! Compared to the original version of the figure which was released in late 2007, this Battle Damaged Version (which was released around February 2008) comes with added accessories like an Alien Skull!

#6 - Gandalf the Grey by Sideshow Collectibles

Nothing like a good old wizard to grace the display shelf of a Lord of the Rings fan like myself. Despite being on the much "despised" buck body, this is really an amazing figure. The head sculpt is amazing and the figure comes with a relatively large array of accessories. Grab this one before it disappears from retail shops!

#7 - Men Suit Set 1/6 scale Figure by Saturday Toys

Although this figure is not officially released as part of any movie francise, the head sculpt likeness to the character "Alex Mahone" from the Prison Break series is undeniable. The quality of the suit is amazing and feels almost like the real thing. A cool life-like figure in 1/6 scale at a reasonable retail price of USD$60, this is a real bargain!!

#8 - Wolf Predator (Original Version) by Hot Toys

Sneaking in at #8 in my list is the Original Version of the Wolf Predator by Hot Toys. Although Hot Toys did release a 2nd Version known as the Cleaner Kit Version, I still rate this original version as the better of the 2 versions. It comes with 2 shoulder cannons and a whip, ready for battle with its Aliens foes.

#9 - 3-3/4" Scale Republic Gunship by Hasbro

Another Star Wars vehicle from Hasbro! This is the 5th version of the Republic Gunship released so far and although it is the same as all the other versions except for the color scheme, I still rate this as one of the best Star Wars vehicles to be released by Hasbro in 2008! At a retail price of approximately USD$55, this is a value-buy.

#10 - 3-3/4" Scale AT-TE by Hasbro

Rumbling in at #10 is the AT-TE by Hasbro. Although it is pricey at almost USD$146 each, this is one big armored vehicle and for a Star Wars freak like myself, it is a must-have. I have 2 of these for my private Clone Army. Nicely colored in Maroon (or is it red?) and White, this huge vehicle can sit more than 10 individual 3-3/4" Clone Troopers and Jedi Knights. It comes with a single 3-3/4" Clone Trooper but this trooper is in the Clone Wars animated design (which I don't really like). But that is not a big problem as I can easily substitute the animated version with my regular Clone Troopers!

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