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Friday, September 26, 2008

Figure Review: Hot Toys AVP-R Predalien

From the AVP-R movie, we get to see the Predalien. Supposedly a hybrid between a Predator and an Alien, the Predalien is one awesome Alien with the deadly (and nasty) characteristics of both alien species!


There are no accessories that come with this figure except for an extra pair of open clawed hands. Compared to the Alien Warrior figure, at least Hot Toys throw in some “extras”.

Head Sculpt

The head sculpt is good and it appears fairly movie-accurate as far as I can see it. Like the AVP and Aliens Alien Warriors released previously by Hot Toys, the Predalien has an extendable set of inner jaws. The mandibles on either side of the Predalien mouth are also adjustable to almost as wide as 40 degrees. This is a plus as it provides more posing options for the collector.

Overall Figure

Assembly is straight-forward but it may look easier than it really is. Theoretically, one only needs to snap one of the hand, leg and feet of the figure onto its body via the round ball joints. However, it took me almost an hour to get the figure fully assembled. Snapping the hand, leg and feet onto the ball-joints are not easy due to the tightness. Out of fear that I may break the ball-joints if I apply too much force, I have to make sure that I gently but forcefully push the hand, leg and feet onto the ball-joints.

The texture on the body of the figure is very detailed and it brings out the "feel" of the Predalien's skin tones.

Figure poseability is good but due to the “top-heavy” nature of the figure; do not expect the figure to be able to stand on its own 2 legs for all the various poses that the body can achieve. Using the tail as a 3rd leg to support the figure helps a lot but it still does not solve the “standing on its own” issue for some difficult poses. In such cases, a figure stand or even two will help.

Overall Rating

Overall, this is a good figure. Fully assembled, it looks awesome. At almost 18-inch in height (with legs fully extended), it easily towers above all my other Hot Toys Alien Warriors and Predators.

I would rate this figure a 4 out of 5 (4/5). To me, this figure is a masterpiece production and a piece of art in itself. But retailing at almost USD$185, this figure is also an expensive one.

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