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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Singapore - STGCC 2015

As we began a new year of collection, we are also began a new year of Toys, Games and Comic Conventions all lined up nicely in the calendars for the days ahead.

Captain Caveman from The Flinstones, STGCC, Singapore (2015)

Last year's Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention was held at the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Center in September. I remembered I was so busy with work that I can only managed a short visit to go over to the convention center to pick up my pre-ordered Hot Toys Convention Exclusive figures. Hopefully during this year's STGCC, I will have the luxury to visit and spend more time at the show.

As we geared up for this year's events of comics conventions all over the world, here are some quick pictures of the few exhibits that I managed to take photographs of during my quick dash in and out of STGCC 2015.

Hot Toys' life-sized Hulkbuster, STGCC, Singapore (2015)

Hot Toys' life-sized Hulk, STGCC, Singapore (2015)

Hulkbuster and the Hulk dueling, STGCC, Singapore (2015)

Hot Toys' 1/6 scale First Order Stormtroopers, STGCC, Singapore (2015)

Creatures that nightmares are made of, STGCC, Singapore (2015)

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