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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

ThreeA Toys - 1/6 Dead Equine Super Set

ThreeA Toys has announced the 1/6 scale Dead Equine Super Set (Dark Blind Cowboy). The set features the Dark Blind Cowboy and Dead Horse, both supposedly in 1/6 scale. 

I did not buy any ThreeA Toys figures before but this will be my first ThreeA Toys purchase! I have just placed a pre-order and paid a pre-order deposit for this set. It is simply too cool to miss out on!!! :-)

I believed there was an earlier version of this set released before featuring the Blind Cowboy and Dead Horse and this is the second release featuring the Dark Blind Cowboy. I am currently more excited about this set than any of my pre-orders for the upcoming Sideshow and Hot Toys releases.

Estimated to ship in the 4th Quarter of 2013, I will treat this as a Christmas present for myself!

The pictures attached to this blog post are the product stock pictures from the manufacturer. I could only find the low resolution pictures. To view the high resolution pictures, you may want to pop by ThreeA Toys' official website/blog or the websites of any of their authorized distributors/retailers.

Enjoy the pictures and do remember to place your pre-order for this set before they all galloped away!

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