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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dark Rider of Mordor Premium Format Figure

After more than one year of rumors, teases and previews, the "Dark Rider of Mordor Premium Format Figure" from Sideshow Collectibles is finally up for pre-order. The Exclusive Edition comes with an additional switch out hand with drawn sword and is priced similar to the Regular Edition (without the switch out hand and drawn sword). The price? A jaw dropping USD$799.99!!! And that is before one factors in shipping, taxes and and other fees that may accompany this piece!

But still, this is the Dark Rider of Mordor after all! He is a Ringwraith!!! He is a Nazgul!!!

I am quite sure many Lord of the Rings fans will get this for their collection, myself included. :-)

Click on the picture to get more pre-order and product information direct from Sideshow:

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