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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hot Toys DX09 Batman 1/6 Scale Figure

Unlike most of my purchased figures and statues, I did not pre-order this 1/6 scale Batman figure from the Hot Toys DX Series. The main reason being that I personally preferred the more "modern" look of the new Batman suit featured in the "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" movies.

However, as in-hand pictures of this Batman figure start to surface on the internet, I began to take to the more "traditional" design of this figure from the 1989 Batman movie. I also began to feel that this design is more comparable when displayed with the recently released 1/6 scale Superman figure (also from Hot Toys). Thus, I bought this off eBay. The fact that I managed to purchase it at a good price that is below the standard retail price is an added bonus.

I still like the "modern" look of the Batman suit from the "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" movies. But I don't own either versions of those figures previously released by Hot Toys. Sideshow Collectibles' policy of not shipping Hot Toys figures to the country where I am residing in (i.e. Asia) plays a part in me missing these figures. The astronomical prices on eBay auctions for these figures also mean that I will continue to miss out on them.

Well, I can always look forward to the newer Batman from the upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises" movie! :-)

Below are some quick pictures that I took of the 1/6 scale Batman DX09. I have no space to display it at the moment so the figure will have to stay in its box until I can find the appropriate display space for it.

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