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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sideshow Premium Format Colossus

Sideshow has finally bring to us, the Colossus Premium Format Figure.

Towering in at almost 24-inch in height, this colossal PF figure of the X-Men member is likely to be an eye-catching display amongst anybody's Marvel and/or X-Men collection.

The only drawback (in my humble opinion), is its relatively high price point at USD$399.99. But with a shipping date that is not due until Q2 2012 at least, there is definitely plenty of time to save up for Colossus. And of course, there is also Sideshow's Flexpay system to help out with dividing up the payment into smaller monthly amounts.

Think no more, pre-order this now! The usual 10% NRD applies.

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