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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Figure Review: Sideshow ¼ Scale Premium Format Indiana Jones

This Premium Format Indiana Jones from Sideshow Collectibles features the legendary archeologist, Dr Jones from the 1984 film, Temple of Doom which is the prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Figure Sculpt

The figure is generally, fairly well sculpted. However, when seen up in-hand and up-close, it is kind of underwhelming; at least in my opinion.

The skin tones of the body are too smooth, almost like those of a new-born baby! To me, this basically spoils the overall look and feel of the whole figure.

Considering that the pose of this Premium Format figure is supposed to feature Indy after the rough and rumble of fighting off Mola Ram and his followers, the even and smooth skin tones of the statue made the whole figure looked even more “unreal”.

Even the “dirtying” of the fabric materials looked “unreal”. Everything seemed too clean and brand new.

Head Sculpt

The head sculpt while admittedly good, is a real let down in person as the smooth skin tones and texture again spoiled the overall look and feel.

This figure includes Sakra Stones as accessories. These can be stored in Indy's pouch or displayed seperately on the base.

The Exclusive Edition of this figure comes with a standalone and so-called “Chilled Monkey Brains” accessory. This was taken from a scene in the film where royalties and their rich friends dined on this “local delicacy”.

This accessory is well-sculpted and display well on its own.

Statue Base

The base is probably sculpted with the intent for this figure to be displayed together with the Mola Ram Premium Format figure.

It was a nice base with good paintwork and texturing. The base is probably the only part of this whole figure which I think is really well done.

Overall Rating

Overall, this is one of those Premium Format figures which failed to live up to its expectations.

Ratings-wise, I can’t find enough good things about this figure to justify scoring it anything above 3 out of 5. (3/5, 60%)

This is probably a reasonably good representation of Indiana Jones, as seen in the Temple of Doom film, for the die-hard Indiana Jones fan. Otherwise, this figure is an easy pass, especially at a price point of about USD$310 before shipping.

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