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Friday, February 4, 2011

Figure Review: Sideshow Styracosaurus Marquette

From their Dinosauria line, Sideshow‘s Styracosaurus Marquette is an amazing representation of this Ceratopsian dinosaur from the Cretaceous era.


Details of this ancient dinosaur are intricately sculpted in the Marquette. This is evident in the amazing details of this statue.

The overall paint application is of a high quality. Although nobody will know for sure the exact skin tones and colors of this dinosaur when it was alive, Sideshow’s rendition of its skin tones and colors through this statue, are nevertheless quite surreal and gives a highly realistic “look” and “feel” to the Styracosaurus.

The statue stands at about 13-inch tall from the bottom of the base to the tip of its nose horn. And this Marquette is sculpted with both its hind legs and the right fore leg firmly planted on the ground (or base). The left fore leg is slightly raised. In my opinion, this is a very nice pose which depicts the animal in a very gracious and majestic stance.

In addition, with three legs on the base, this provides much stability to the whole setup. It also freed me from the phobia that the statue will topple over due to instability.

The Sideshow Exclusive Edition of this Marquette comes with an extra Styracosaurus skull.

In Sideshow’s words, this additional skull is for complimentary display to the Marquette. In my view, the complimentary skull is a spectacular piece that could more than hold its own as a separate display piece.

Overall Statue

This is a very well-made statue and with the awesome skull that comes with the Exclusive Edition, this Marquette is more than worth every cent of its retail price.

Overall Rating

Overall, I am rating this Marquette 4.5 out of 5 (4.5/5, 90%).

For those who are looking for a high quality Styracosaurus Marquette, this piece might just be what you need for your dinosaurs collection.

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