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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Figure Review: Sideshow 1/6 Scale Sith Assaj Ventress

Sith Apprentice, Assaj Ventress is featured in this 1/6 scale figure from Sideshow Collectibles. This figure was actually released almost 3 years ago; if my memory serves me correctly.

It is now sold out at Sideshow Collectibles and any collector looking for this figure now will have to hunt around in the secondary market.


Assaj Ventress comes with 2 light sabers and both of these light sabers featured the signature red blades of the Sith.

The robe worn by Assaj Ventress as seen in the Clone Wars Animation Series is the one that Sideshow has opted for in this figure release. I must say that I am actually very impressed with the tailoring and quality of the fabric.

Head Sculpt

The head sculpt for this Assaj Ventress figure is well-sculpted. Despite this character not being featured in any of the 6 live action movies from both the Prequel and Original Trilogies of the Star Wars series, Sideshow has opted for the non-animated version of Ventress in their rendition of the head sculpt for this figure.

This is a major plus point for me as I am personally not a fan of the “distorted” head and body shapes of all the Star Wars characters as shown in the animated series; primarily those featured in the Clone Wars animations.

The Sideshow Exclusive Edition of Assaj Ventress features an additional head sculpt with the eyes filled in. As my figure is from one of the Regular Edition, I am unable to show any photographs of this alternate head sculpt.

Overall Figure

This is a very well-made figure. For any Star Wars fans interested in Sith characters in the 1/6 scale format, I would highly recommend this figure as a must-buy.

Overall Rating

In the overall rating category, I am ranking this figure with a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 (4.5/5, 90%).

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