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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Figure Review: Sideshow ¼ Scale Premium Format Gandalf the Grey

In the Premium Format Gandalf the Grey figure, Sideshow Collectibles has again delivered another stunning product from their Lord of the Rings (LOTR) line.

Figure Sculpt

The figure is well-sculpted and the paint finishes is beautiful.

The pose of this statue depicts the wise wizard, Gandalf raising his staff and looking slightly skyward. This dynamic pose can be perceived as being taken from several different scenes from both the LOTR movies and books. Which scene this pose is derived from, depends on the observer and this is the interesting aspect of the pose. To different people, the pose can mean different things and therein lays the “beauty” of this figure. It is unique to everyone!

Head Sculpt

The head sculpt of Gandalf is spot-on. Kudos to the talented artist(s) who sculpted this aspect of the figure.

The Exclusive Edition comes with a head-sculpt without the hat.

The figure I bought is the Regular Edition and it comes with only the head-sculpt with the hat. I would love to own the Exclusive Edition of this figure. But the cost of international shipping (if I were to buy the Exclusive Edition direct from Sideshow Collectibles) is simply too expensive for me to justify the extra head-sculpt. In the end, I go with my local retailer.

Statue Base

The base is again a marvelous addition. It was sculpted in a realistic setting. As with the pose, the base setting can mean be perceived as being taken from several different scenes from both the movies and books. This is proof of another smart move from the team who designed this figure.

Overall Rating

This is a great Premium Format figure and it ranks among my most favorite statues.

Ratings-wise, I un-reservedly rate the Premium Format Gandalf the Grey figure with a high score 4.5 out of 5. (4.5/5, 90%)

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