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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Figure Review: Sideshow ¼ Scale Premium Format Moria Orc

Sideshow Collectibles has consistently delivered stunning Premium Format figures in ¼ scale from the Lord of the Rings line and the Premium Format Moria Orc figure is another great figure from this line.

Due to the pose of the figure, the Premium Format (PF) Moria Orc does not “tower” over the other PF figures from Sideshow’s LOTR line. Standing at just around 20-inch tall, the Moria Orc is nevertheless a breathtaking statue.

Figure Sculpt

The overall figure is well-sculpted and painted. Excellent sculpting is reflected throughout the figure in the body contours and even the base.

The pose is dynamic and iconic. It reflects the Moria Orc poised to strike its enemy with its weapon ready and shield stretched perpendicular to its body on its left hand.

Head Sculpt

The head sculpt is another work of art and reflects accurately the facial expressions of the Moria Orc in both book and film. Fierce, determined and focus; the Moria Orc is truly a formidable foe to cross swords with in the battlefield.

The Exclusive Edition comes with a helmeted switch-out head sculpt for an alternate display pose.

I did not manage to get hold of one of the Exclusive Edition and had to settle for the Regular Edition when it became available on 2nd Chance Opportunity at Sideshow. I have however had the opportunity to examine an Exclusive Edition of this figure up close at my local retailer and I must say that the helmeted head sculpt is awesome.

Statue Base

The base is marvelous. It was sculpted in the realistic setting of middle-earth as presented in the LOTR movies.

The additional plus point is that the subsequent releases of the PF Uruk-Hai Berserker and Legolas figures followed the same base setting. Lining these up next to each other presents an impressive display in any LOTR collection.

Overall Rating

Overall, this is a great Premium Format figure and ranked as one of my most favorite statues.

Ratings-wise, I strongly feel that the PF Moria Orc figure should score high at a rating of at least 4 out of 5. (4/5, 90%)

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