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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Figure Review: Hot Toys Dog Alien

From the movie Alien 3, this is the Dog Alien.

Standing at almost 16-inch tall (fully stretched), this 1/6 scale Dog Alien by Hot Toys is another must-have for Alien fans like myself.

Head Sculpt

Sculpted similarly to their representation of the Alien Warriors from the first "AVP" movie, the Dog Alien by Hot Toys comes with a clear dome. The subtle patterns within the dome skull could be seen quite clearly and this adds to the overall quality of the dome of the Dog Alien.

Unlike the usual problems seen in the "Aliens" and "AVP-R" Alien Warriors by Hot Toys, the Dog Alien is quite sturdily built. It is fairly easy to pose and the look and feel of the figure doesn’t give one the feeling that it is going to break apart at any moment. Thus, it is definitely an improvement over the Aliens and AVP-R Alien Warriors figures by Hot Toys.

Figure Body

The nice contours on the figure’s body are amazing. Whether it is movie accurate or not is something I am not very sure of. Thus, I shall not comment on its accuracy vis-à-vis the actual Dog Alien featured in the movie. What I can comment on is the amazing texture of the overall body of the figure and my personal amazement at how nicely sculpted it is.

The only thing I do not like about the Dog Alien is the difficulty I faced while trying to attach the leg to the figure’s body. While always in fear that I may accidentally break the ball-joint of the leg which attaches to the thigh, I still have to use a fairly large amount of force to try and snap the leg in place. This task is made more complicated and difficult by the fact that the ball joint kept moving out of place as I tried to attach the leg. In the end, I had to resort to placing the whole figure on a flat and smooth surface with a lint-free cloth in between the surface and the figure. And with an accurate and carefully applied force, snapped the leg in place. This was a pain and it always happens for every Alien figure from Hot Toys; except the “Big Chap” Alien.

The other thing about Hot Toys’ Alien Warriors that I am unhappy with, is that the color of the body usually tends to rub off on my hands as I “struggled” to fix the hands and legs to the body of the figure. This rubbing off of paint color almost certainly resulted in some parts of the figure’s body looking more matte than other parts. And the overall effect is that the whole figure will look “uneven” in terms of paint application.

Overall Rating

Ratings-wise (without taking overall production quality control issues into consideration), I am rating the Dog Alien by Hot Toys a score of 3.5 out of 5 (70%).

This figure is a fairly good representation of the Dog Alien with obvious improvements over the previous Alien Warriors figures released by Hot Toys. There are however, still room for improvements.

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