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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bumper Months For My Collection In March and April

March and April have been two bumper months for my collection. During these 2 months, I have added a grand total of 14 1/6 scale figures to my figures collection! The main reason for this massive spike in my collection is the many sales and promotions that happened during the past month or so. For a start, Sideshow Collectibles hosted their Fantacular 2010 event and the "Buy 1 And Get A Mystery 12-inch Figure" promotion somehow enticed me to open up my wallet because this offer was too good to miss. In addition, many other local retail shops were also having their clearance sales with many good figures going at incredibly low prices which were way below standard retail prices.

These are the new 1/6 scale figures newly added to my collection (in the order that I acquired them during March and April):

Star Wars Sandtrooper Squad Leader (Sideshow)
Big Chap Alien (Hot Toys)
GI Joe Snake Eyes (Sideshow)
GI Joe Cobra Commander (Sideshow)
Star Wars Qui Gon-Jin (Sideshow)
Star Wars Leia as Boushh (Sideshow)
Star Wars Bespin Han Solo (Sideshow)
Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi, EPIII (Sideshow)
Star Wars Shock Trooper (Sideshow)
Star Wars Clone Trooper EPII (Sideshow)
Terminator, T600 SSC Ex (Hot Toys)
RAH Blade (Medicom)
RE Krauser Transformed (Hot Toys)
RAH Venom as Punisher (Medicom)

After this "big purchase", I will probably stay off buying any more new figures for the next couple of months. New additions to my collections for the next few months will only be from those items that I currently have on pre-orders.

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