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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hot Toys 1/6 Scale John Connor - Final Battle Version

Hot Toys has recently announced a new 1/6 scale figure from their "Terminator-Salvation" action figures line. This new figure features the main protagonist in the film, John Connor.

Although Hot Toys has released an earlier version of John Connor, this version has something different that caught my eye. Its the 1/6 scale Hydrobot! I do not collect the Terminator line and have resisted getting into collecting figures from this line. But the Hydrobot that comes with this version of Hot Toys' John Connor 1/6 scale figure is simply too temptting!!

But at almost USD$190 each at retail price, I think this is a bit pricey. But considering that I will get a 1/6 scale John Connor figure and the 1/6 scale Hydrobot, I guess I will be buying this figure after all. In any case, I can easily take apart and utilise the figure's base body, clothing accessories and gears for my future military/civilian kitbash use.

And there are simply so many display options for that must have in this set..... that 1/6 scale Hydrobot!

Click the following links to see more pictures of this figure from Sideshow's website:

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