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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Figure Review: Sideshow Abe Sapien

I am not a comic book fan so the first time I came across the character Abe Sapien was from the 2004 film, Hellboy.

This 1/6 scale figure of Abe Sapien from Hellboy was released some time ago and I bought it online from Sideshow when this item was available on 2nd Chance.


The figure didn’t come with any accessories. But then again, the character Abe Sapien didn’t really carry any accessories such as weapons or gadgets in the film as well. I am not sure about Abe’s portrayal in the comic books though.

Head Sculpt

Sideshow did include a second head sculpt with the figure. The secondary head sculpt is that of Abe without his goggles.

Both head sculpts are actually quite good and is in line with Sideshow’s strength in delivering good quality alien head sculpts.

Overall Figure

Based on the Art S. Buck base body (at least that is what I thought it is), Abe came with fairly tight joints. The figure held its poses well and do not require a figure stand at all. The figure stand that comes with the figure thus becomes a spare accessory for my other 1/6 scale figures.

General figure poseability is fairly good and is basically what you can expect from an Art S. Buck body. I have no complaints with this base body. In fact, I very much prefer the Buck (as it is commonly called) to the new Prometheus or Armored base bodies from Sideshow.

Overall Rating

Personally, I am actually quite pleased with this figure. Taking its overall quality and reasonable price point into consideration, this figure deserves a good rating of at least 3.5 out of 5 (3.5/5).

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