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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Figure Review: Sideshow-Weta Battle Troll of Mordor Diorama

From the Lord of the Rings (LOTR), Sideshow Weta (SSW) produced this wonderful piece of diorama featuring the Battle Troll of Mordor.

Although this is a relatively small diorama when compared physically with the other LOTR Dioramas from SSW, it nevertheless is one of my personal favorite.

Sculpt and Pose

The Battle Troll is expertly sculpted and the whole diorama comes very well-painted. Cast in polystone, the piece looks magnificent whether displayed on its own or when displayed with other LOTR status, figures and memorabilia.

The skin tones of the Battle Troll with its distinctive marks and “scales” are well sculpted and colored. In addition, the dynamic pose of the Battle Troll adds extra realism to this piece. With a sword on its left hand and its right hand clutching a fallen Gondorian Soldier, the Troll stared imposing at you

The base in itself is another wonderful piece. Featuring the stone grounds of Gondor, the base blends seamlessly with the Battle Troll standing on it.

The result? One of the best pieces of Polystone Diorama from the LOTR franchise.

Overall Rating

Despite its relatively high cost at retail, I personally feel that this diorama is worth every single cent one pays for it. The expertly crafted sculpt, the workmanship, the amazing paint application and the dynamic pose simply transports the viewer to the land of Middle Earth in the midst of one of its epic moments.

I rate this Polystone Diorama 4.5 out of 5 (4.5/5). It simply was and still is, one of the best diorama pieces from SSW.

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