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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Figure Review: Alien Queen Statue (Customized Model Kit)

Inspired by the Alien franchise, this piece was built from scratch from an unpainted model kit.

The Search

As a big alien fan, I had always wanted to have a small version of the Alien Queen that is suitable for a table-top display. The price has to be affordable as well. However, I couldn’t find such a product that fits all this requirements from any local or online retailers. Thus, when I chanced upon a model kit of the Alien Queen, I was tempted and bought it. The problem is I am not an artistic person by nature. While I can fix slight paintwork problems or small chips on my statues and figures fairly well, I really can’t built something respectable from an unpainted model kit.

Built Process

I eventually managed to find a local hobby/modeling shop that is willing to help me build, paint and customize my Alien Queen.

And this is the final product! Measuring about 14-inch in height (top to bottom, base included) and 22-inch in length (head to tail), this piece is small enough for a table top display yet large enough for the basic details to be sufficiently pronounced to be seen at eye level.

The artist from the shop painted the Alien Queen with a black-base and blue hue (or stripes) to highlight the details of its skin pattern. According to my instructions, he used glossy paint.

The base was an off-the-shelf model based and he even threw in an alien egg similar in scale to my Alien Queen.

Overall Rating

The end-result was an awesome little Alien Queen that is small in size and big in stature.

Kudos to the artist, I now has this awesome Alien Queen fronting my study table!

Because this is a customized figure from a basic model kit, the ratings here are more for the artistic talents of the guy who built and painted this statue for me. From the finished products, I really believed this warrant a high score of 4 out of 5. (4/5).

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manolito said...

Hi am a profesional model builder and in d process of of painting 2 alien warriors.i bought 2 action figures of them ,took them apart.milliput the joints in d position i want.and now primared.also made 2 bases 4 them that look like d nest.
ur alien queen is xcellent.