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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SDCC 2009 is here! Well, almost...

The annual SDCC event is here! Well, it is almost here as the event stretches from 23 Jul to 27 Jul and today is 22 Jul.

Living in Asia and thus beling located thousands of miles away from the event held at San Diego, California, I am thus unable to experience the fun and excitement of the event first-hand. However, I am still able to "participate" in it via online Discussion Boards, Collectibles sites and blogs of those lucky enough to be able to travel to the event.

The excitement generally lies in the avalanche of products announced at the con event by Manufacturers the world over. So, while this annual excitement always makes me feel like a kid all over again every July, my wallet also ends up the poorer because of my purchases!

One more day to go... and I am all ready and excited for the new product announcements!

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