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Monday, March 2, 2009

Lots of Figures to Assemble and Display

Time flies and before we know it, we are already into the 3rd month of 2009. This year, my pre-order list for collectibles and figures are way below the numbers for 2008. This huge reduction in my preorder list is in part due to the gloomy economy. But it is also due in part to the ridiculous shipping prices that shipping companies charge for international shipments. This has forced me to re-evaluate my collecting habits. Rather then pay sky high prices to shipping companies, I have decided to buy more of my collectibles and figures from local retailers and also from fellow collectors who may be giving up their hobby or changing their collection lines.

But because my local retailers do not carry a wide range of collectibles or figures, I am very much limited in my purchase choice nowadays. This explains my relatively short pre-order list for this year.

In any case, I still have many figures staying mint in their boxes and waiting impatiently to be assembled and displayed. So, I will be spending a fair amount of time assembling those figures I already have. Just the past month alone, I have assembled my Wolf Predator (Cleaner Kit Version) and the Lost Predator. In line to be assembled are my Predator 2 and another Wolf Predator (Original Version). I also have a Battle Damaged Predalien waiting to be assembled and displayed. Other figures in my waiting list for assembly are mostly 12-inch figures including Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Kyle Reese and Boromir.

In addition, I also have a Queen Alien model kit which measures about 11-inch in height. Admiting the limitations in my painting skill, I have sent this kit to a local artist to be "professionally painted". I am still waiting for the artist to complete the piece and it should be ready for collection in a week or two from now.

Meanwhile, here are two pictures of my Wolf Predator. Forgive me for the lousy picture quality because my digital camera has decided to go on strike again. Haiz, time for me to buy a new camera soon.

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