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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Figure Review: Sideshow Endor Rebel Sergeant

The Star Wars Endor Rebels appeared in the final installment of the Original Trilogy “Return of the Jedi”. Their original role was to attack and destroy the Shield Generator that was protecting the 2nd Death Star.

The Endor Rebel Sergeant was released a couple of years back by Sideshow Collectibles together with the Endor Rebel Infantry Trooper and the Endor Rebel Pathfinder. But as I have no interest in these “fringe” characters, I did not buy them when they were first released. I finally bought the Endor Rebel Sergeant recently but only because I manage to do so at way below the retail price of USD$60. Not a bad deal for a figure that come mint in box!


There are only a few accessories that come with this figure. These are namely the A280 Blaster Rifle and a Backpack. Now you know why I wouldn’t pay USD$60 for this figure!

Head Sculpt

The head sculpt is surprisingly good for a fringe character. The paint job was very artfully applied and the overall sculpt do look quite realistic and stunning.

Overall Figure

The figure comes almost fully dressed so there isn’t much assembly to deal with.

Despite being on the much maligned Buck base-body, overall figure poseability is good. The joints are tight and the figure holds its poses well.

Overall Rating

Overall, this is a good figure. But not something that is worth paying USD$60 for. I would have bought the other 2 figures in the ‘Endor Rebel Commando” Series if I can find them at good prices way below the standard retail prices. So, I shall wait for good deals to surface before buying the other 2 figures.

I would rate this figure a 3 out of 5 (3/5).

To me, this figure is a fairly good production and it does grow on you. Placed in my display case with the other 12-inch scale Star Wars Figures, it does fit in nicely. However, being a fringe character, it just doesn’t stand out.


Plastic Yank said...

You wouldn't have happened to have won this figure off of ebay from a seller in China a month or two ago, would you?

toytales said...

The figure was bought off eBay recently but not from a China Seller. It was from a US Seller.

Plastic Yank said...

Ah, my mistake. I saw one from a Chinese seller go for about $1.50 USD a few months back and though it might be yours.