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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Figure Review: Sideshow Legolas Greenleaf

I missed the initial release of this 12-inch figure from Sideshow Collectibles and subsequently bought this from the secondary market from eBay a few months ago.

The recent arrival of 2 new Ikea Detolf Glass Cabinets allowed me to finally start removing many of my 12-inch figures from their box prisons. And Legolas was one of the first few figures to be “liberated” from its box.


This figure comes with a bagful of accessories which include a Mirkwood Bow and 5 pieces of Mirkwood Arrows, Quiver for the Arrows and 2 Mirkwood Knifes.

When fully kitted with these battle weapons, the Legolas figure looks cool and ready for combat.

Head Sculpt

Although Sideshow claimed that the head sculpt has an “authentic likeness of Orlando Bloom as Legolas”, I beg to differ. To me, the head sculpt looks nothing like Orlando Bloom as seen in the character Legolas in the 3 LOTR movies!

The paint work on the head sculpt is also poor and looks too pale to be movie-accurate. To be honest, it is not even pleasing to the eye!

Overall Figure

Figure poseability is poor and this has nothing to do with the infamous Art S. Buck base body on which the figure is using.

The high boots prevented articulation in the leg area resulting in the figure being able to achieve only a few standard static poses. The arms are also severely restricted in movement due to the tight clothing and as a result, the whole figure just failed in the poseability department when taken straight from the box.

A lot of minor modification works need to be carried out by the collector to “restore” the figure’s poseability allowed by the Buck base body.

Overall Rating

Overall, I would rate this figure a low 2 out of 5 (2/5). This essentially means that I feel this figure is totally not worth getting at all. The good thing for me is that I bought this figure from an eBay seller at almost half the retail price.

Apart from getting this figure to try and complete the Fellowship, I don’t see any real reason why this figure should be bought by anybody.

A lousy figure overall.

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